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Laredo College is recognized for their dedication to serving students and the community with their educational needs.  We strive to provide students the opportunity to begin their college experience at an institution that is committed to assisting students achieve academic excellence. 

Our team is ready to help Change your Life! 

Assessment      Dimitri G. Garcia, Director
International Students Gloria T. Ortiz, Assistant Director
Office of the Registrar & Admissions Lorena Rios, College Registrar
  Priscilla G. Medina, Associate Registrar
  Ramiro Hernandez, Jr., Assistant Registrar
  Marlene E. Subramanian, Assistant Director
Recruitment & Dual Enrollment Albert Hernandez, Senior Director
  Rebeka Herrera, Assistant Director
Special Services Adriana Craddock, Counselor
Student Financial Aid Steven Aguilar, Director
 Adriana Marin, Associate Director
  Daniel Yarritu, Assistant Director
Student Success Andrea Lopez, Director
Veterans' Affairs
 Maria E. Garcia, Coordinator