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Publicity is any free announcement to the public concerning the college, its employees, its students and its activities. Information is released to the public by the Community and Media Relations Office through print, electronic or other media, and is disseminated locally, regionally, statewide or nationally, as appropriate.

Publicity, usually in the form of a news release, is generally related to recruitment, instructional programs, enrollment and registration activities, faculty and staff initiatives or successes, student successes, one-time or recurring college events, community outreach, athletics news, student club news, or related events.


What types of publicity are available?


So what can you request through the Community and Media Relations Office? Here are some ideas of the services we can provide:

  • Press release – a story about the event or activity.
  • Photography – high-quality images to showcase your event or activity, which can be used either in print or on the website.
  • Media advisory – a short notice to the media, inviting them to your event or activity.
  • Public service announcement – a free announcement, on TV or radio, promoting your event or activity. Restrictions apply.
  • Talk show appearance – a live appearance on TV or radio, where you will be interviewed about your event or activity.


How do I obtain publicity?


Please follow these steps for obtaining publicity, allowing at least two weeks’ advance notice for the scheduling of your request. Requests not received at least two weeks’ prior to the date needed will be filled as resources allow. For more detailed directions, please check out our Procedures for Requesting Services.


  1. Obtain approval from your club advisor, dean or division leader.
  2. Fill out our electronic Services Request Form at least 2 weeks prior to your event or activity. Please allow more time for the scheduling of talk show appearances.
  3. Submit any relevant material concerning your request the same day the form is submitted. Email all information related to your request to


Check our Publicity Assignments List to see who your dedicated public relations specialist is at LC.


Prioritizing Requests


Prioritization of requests is determined by the Community and Media Relations staff, taking into account the date the information is received and the number of requests received. Typically, a minimum of two weeks notice is best to allow time to promote your activity or event.