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Special Events Planning 

Special events generally fall into two categories: campus-wide events and department-level events.


  1. Campus-wide events

Campus-wide events are complex, highly structured events initiated by the college that are open to the public and require resources from a variety of college departments to coordinate. Such events generally are coordinated by the President’s O0ffice and the Community and Media Relations Office. These events generally require participation from the college president, either as master of ceremonies or as a key speaker.


  1. Department-level events

Events hosted at the department level cover a variety of activities, such as the opening of a new office, a despedida for a colleague, an open house, an art show or other activity that involves planning and coordination by a specific department. Depending on purpose and scale, these events also may be considered campus-wide events and may require assistance from the Community and Media Relations Office and the Institutional Events Office. For guidance, please consult these offices early in the planning of your event to ensure proper protocol is followed.


Planning Your Event


The Community and and Media Relations Office can guide you through the process of planning and coordinating an event. If you would like assistance in planning an event, please make an appointment with the Community and Media Relations director. Here are some key points to remember when planning an event:


1. Plan early. Be sure to plan your event as soon as possible so that your event can be placed on the appropriate campus calendar. Check the various campus Event Calendars before choosing your date to minimize scheduling conflicts. This step is important to ensure that necessary resources are available from college departments who may be involved in other scheduled events. Also, be sure to check that the location you wish to reserve for your event is available. New campus-wide events should be approved through the Campus Calendar Committee.


For more information on the Campus Calendar procedures, consult the Campus Calendar Committee Procedures on the Intranet.


2. Seek approval. Consult with your dean or division leader to ensure that your event has administrative approval. If your event is a department-level event that does not require resources beyond your department, it would not require further approval. If your event requires resources from other college departments, such as setup from Physical Plant or media coverage through Community and Media Relations, make sure you have the appropriate approvals.


3. Cover your bases. Consult with all departments that may be involved in your event. Depending on the purpose and scale of the event, some of these departments may include:


            • President’s Office – for approval and/or president’s involvement/attendance

            • Physical Plant – for physical setup

            • Community and Media Relations – for publicity services and printed materials

            • Donor Relations – for refreshments (if donor or community related)

            • Media Center – for audiovisual equipment

            • LCTV – for recording to air on LCTV

            • Campus Police – for campus parking and other security issues

            • Resource Development – for fundraising guidelines


This is not necessarily an exhaustive list, since different events may require different needs. If you have any questions on the planning of your event, be sure to contact the Institutional Events Office at (956) 721-5384 or the Community and Media Relations Office at (956) 721-5140.