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LC fights against cyberattacks with the opening of a Cybersecurity Institute 


There has been an immense growth of opportunities within the cybersecurity domain over the past few years. Therefore, Laredo College welcomed the addition of a highly-equipped Cybersecurity Institute.


LC held an opening ceremony on Oct. 1 at the Ft. McIntosh Campus to celebrate this new achievement not only within the institution, but also in the computer technology field as a whole.


The Cybersecurity Institute is an instructional entity envisioned approximately two years ago by LC Network & Cybersecurity lead professors Enrique Garcia and Raymundo Fuentes. The uniqueness of the institute is the equipment and capabilities of its two state-of-the-art labs. One lab focuses on research and the other serves as a hub for learning about the deep/dark web.


The intended purpose of the institute is to enhance instruction for students enrolled in the Network & Cybersecurity Program. They will learn more about the advancements and innovations in the cybersecurity world to prepare for the future.


The deep/dark web lab will permit high-quality instruction in all internet realms. The dark web alludes to sites with criminal intent or illegal content where users can purchase illicit goods or services.



This technology will also serve as a training facility for industry, educational and external entities such as law enforcement. Organizations will be able to host boot camps, certifications, special projects, as well as the Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification.


Around 35 computers have been installed in both labs to equip the students with the best technology and process to protect the world from unauthorized practices.


For more information, contact the Computer Technology Department at (956) 721-5374.