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Laredo College convened safety awareness and emergency preparedness forum with local educational and law enforcement entities  


Safety forum


Laredo College hosted the first safety awareness and emergency preparedness forum on Wednesday, Sept. 11 at the Ft. McIntosh Campus. This forum was a proactive measure to open the lines of communication between the different agencies in dealing with safety and emergency situation preparedness in educational settings.


LC President Ricardo J. Solis was joined by Laredo Police Department Chief Claudio Treviño, Laredo Fire Department Chief Steve Landin, representatives from the Webb County Sheriff’s Office, Texas A&M International University President Pablo Arenaz, Laredo Independent School District Superintendent Sylvia Rios and representatives from United Independent School District.


The participants strived to reinforce the strong connection there is between the law enforcement entities and the educational community. All parties had a constructive exchange of ideas and learned from each other about the safety and preparedness measures in place at each academic institution. The forum allowed all parties to interact and engage in meaningful conversations that will lead to the implementation and reinforcement of collaborative safety measures that will benefit the community at large.