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 Laredo College students bound for success at elite Virginia college 


Sweet Briar College

Two Laredo College honor students were recently selected as the recipients of a generous scholarship to attend a private women’s college in Virginia.


Angela Cazares and Alexia Alfaro are excited about implementing all they have learned at LC as they continue their academic endeavors at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.


As its website states, Sweet Briar has prepared women to be leaders in the modern world for over a century. The elite liberal arts college is known for its small class sizes, active alumni and the great career opportunities offered to its graduates.


Come this fall, Cazares and Alfaro will bid adieu to their Texas roots and prepare for a new phase in their academic career. The pair was selected due to their impeccable academic record and civic involvement.


Both students are receiving full-ride scholarships that will cover all their expenses, with the exception of a one-time nominal payment. They are only the second and third students to transfer to Sweet Briar College after LC alumna Abigail De Leon.


We are the only community college in the nation with this unique relationship, which provides scholarship opportunities for our top female pupils. This life-changing partnership struck between LC and Sweet Briar blossomed organically.


It was a fateful meeting at a conference only a year ago that catapulted this historical collaboration into existence. LC President Dr. Ricardo J. Solis and Sweet Briar College President Dr. Meredith Woo met at a conference for college presidents. Dr. Woo mentioned that Sweet Briar was looking into diversifying their student population and both presidents seized the opportunity for a great collaboration.


The success of this partnership would not be possible without the support and leadership of President Solis, South Campus Dean Carolyn Schmies, Honors Program Coordinator Dr. Laura Lopez, English Instructor Dr. Marissa Longoria, Director of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs Steven Aguilar and Director of Donor Relations and Special Projects Sara Pompa.


Before the opportunity to apply for this scholarship arose, Cazares and Alfaro did not consider going out of state to continue their studies. Nonetheless, both are excited and grateful for this opportunity.


The pair has bright futures ahead of them in great part thanks to the academic foundation and leadership skills they developed at LC.


Cazares will pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and aspires to attend law school upon finishing her undergraduate studies.


“When I was told I was chosen, I was ecstatic,” she said. “I knew that it was a great opportunity and that I could grow from being part of this experience.”


Alfaro, a tennis athlete, plans to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She hopes to enroll in veterinary school and earn a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) so she can travel abroad and practice wildlife medicine. 


“I’m ecstatic about how big of a transition it will be for me,” she said. “A transition such as from a timid individual to a strong and confident female leader I will become. I am also excited of the one-to-one interaction and learning I will be having with the great professors the institution has.”


During a recent visit to the campus, which was generously sponsored by Sweet Briar, the students were able to attend classroom lectures, visit the library and tour the sports facilities. Both were impressed by the influence of nature on campus and the active student life.


“The trip was a wonderful experience. The people there were really welcoming, and the campus was beautiful,” Cazares said. “The college was impressive and the women attending the college were even more so. Therefore, I am simply thrilled to have the opportunity of going there and being part of their community.”


“I was impressed and amazed by the amount of activities they offer towards students almost every day,” Alfaro added. “The faculty and staff made us feel welcomed with their humbleness and admiration. With the astounding experience I have encountered, I am even more excited about beginning a new chapter in my life.”