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The Student Financial Aid Verification Tool is a web-based software that will facilitate the collection of data between students and the Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs Center. No more wasting time waiting in line or making trips to campus. Student Financial Aid Verification Tool is here to alleviate the wait and is available to students 24/7. 


Those students who have completed their FAFSA and are selected for verification or must turn in documents are able to complete student verification and submit their pending documents using the mobile device of their choice. 


Starting 2017-2018 Aid year, verification must be done through the Verification Tool Online. You can follow these instructions to complete the verification online.  

2019 - 2020



Verification Form 1
Verification Form Group 4 
Verficiation Form Group 4 -Spanish
Verification Form Group 5




Unusual Enrollment History Form
Expense Form
Statement of Rights & Responsibilities