Student Success

Work-study Program 

Students interested in applying for Federal work-study employment at Laredo College are required to have the following:  


  1. Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) for 2019-2020
  2. Financial Aid Folder (complete) for 2019-2020
  3. Student must have enough Unmet need
  4. Must be enrolled at least 6 eligible hours for Fall 2019

Students will be required to:

  • Complete a work-study application
  • Receive a listing of available work-study jobs ( list available online- click here!)
  • Set up an interview with the work-study supervisor for the job that interests you
  • The supervisor who interviewed and hired the student will submit a signed work-study application to the Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center.

 If student is offered a Federal work-study job, student has to fill out and provide the documents/forms listed below:

  • Process through E-Verify (see below for more information)
  • I-9 Form
  • W-4 Form 
  • Proof of eligibility for employment

Once student has provided those documents/forms, the Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center will proceed to:

  • The Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center will provide the Laredo College Human Resources Office with your I-9 Form, W-4 Form, Social Security Card and proof of photo identification.
  • Human Resources Office codes students who are offered work-study jobs as Laredo College Student Employees and notifies the Financial Aid Center Coordinator when the student may commence employment.
  • The Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center will provide you with the following documents:  student employment coordination form, job description, payment schedule, and confidentiality statement, and other necessary documentation. 


 Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is available to work-study employees at Laredo College. Take advantage of this opportunity and avoid having to stop be campus to pick up your work-study pay check. Once all forms have been submitted to the Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center and you have been approved to commence employment as a Federal work-study, you will be provided with the date on which you may report to work.   



LC-TAMIU Lamar Bruni Vergara Literacy Tutors- 


6 positions available for FALL 2019- you may pick up an application at the Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center at Ft. McIntosh - Lerma Peña Bldg. Rm 148 with Mrs. Rosanna Huerta. Please view job description. Interviews are coming up; don't stay behind- come and apply. 


 Work-Study Positions  

     Fall Semester 2019





 Positions Available

 Bldg/ Room #


 Ft. McIntosh Campus Federal Positions


Adult Education Eduardo Martinez 1 Eloy Garcia 111  
Allied Health Sandra Rodriguez 1 Allied Health 134  
AVP for Student Services Vicky Villalobos 2 West Bldg.   
Central Receiving  Luis Torres 1 Bldg. 119 Rm 215  
Community & Media Relations Claudia Hernandez 1 P34/35  
Donor Relations Sara Pompa 1 The Veterans Memorial Chapel   
Dual Enrollment & Recruitment Stephanie Niehoff 1 Lerma Peña Bldg Rm 160  
eLearning Center Arely Lara 1 LEAC 307  
English Department Anita Garza 2 Adkins 210  
English & Communications Holly Dykstra 4 Adkins 129  
Environmental Science Center Linda Tays 2 LBVESC 182  
ETAC Joe Pena 1 The Corral  
Industrial Technology Alicia Mendez 2 Moore Vocational 106  
Information Technology Hermelinda Gamez-Johnston 3 LEAC 204  
Kinesiology San Juanita Aguilar 1 LEAC 125  
Martinez Fine Arts Nadya Hernandez 1 MFA 102-B  
Natural Science Department Joe Tovar 3 West Bldg. Rm 120  
Office of Student Life Rosario Dominguez 1 Kazen Center Rm 209  
Payroll Nelly Moreno 1 P13  
Physical Plant Sonia Saldivar 1 Carlos De Llano Complex  
Property Inventory Mary Mendiola 1 Building 119 Rm 215  
Purchasing Mari Royster 2 P 49 Rm 101  
QEP Veronica Martinez 2 Martin Bldg Rm 125  
Registrar's Office Ramiro Hernandez 1 Lerma Peña Bldg. Rm 116  
Safety & Risk Management Javier Cano 1 Building 119 Rm 118  
Social & Behavioral Science Hilda Gonzalez 1 Kazen Center 229  
Special Services Center Olga Lozano 1 Kazen Center 132  
Vice President for Resource Development Yolanda Torres 2 West Bldg. Rm 116  
Visual Performing Arts Cecilia Rodriguez 2 Visual Performing Arts 128   

 Institutional Positions

Learning Center-
Math Tutor
   4   Memorial Hall
Bldg. Rm 235
Learning Center-
English Tutor
4 Memorial Hall
Bldg. Rm 235
Test Reader Olga Lozano 1 Kazen Center 132


 South Campus Federal Positions


Dean of South Campus Letycia Blanco 2 Billy Hall Center 215  
Police Academy Mireya Casas 1 PSC 132  
Protective Services Veronica Alejandra 1 PSC 132  
Student Success Center Nora Sandoval 1 One Stop Shop A 131  




Laredo College participates in E-Verify. 

 E-Verify posters in English E-Verify posters in Spanish