Fire Protection and Safety Technology, Associate of Applied Science

Fire Protection and Safety Technology

Associate of Applied Science


The AAS degree in Fire Protection and Safety Technology offers a flexible hybrid program for students interested in the fire service or related roles. The fire science field has evolved to provide challenging opportunities focusing on various career interests. Whether you want to be involved in prevention, response, or investigation, students with an AAS degree will have a competitive edge and the skills needed for a successful future in the fire service.

Coursework included in this program are both classroom and laboratory experiences. The program will introduce the student to various aspects of fire protection. In addition, students will learn technical and administrative skills such as hazardous materials, fire protection systems, fire suppression, law, and codes.



Students completing the two-year curriculum receive an Associate of Applied Science degree in Fire Protection and Safety Technology. Students with an AAS degree will have a competitive edge and the skills needed for those considering a career in the fire service.

Instruction in the principal fields of Fire Science includes fire suppression, hazardous materials, law, fire prevention, fire safety codes and standards, and advanced firefighting tactics and strategy.

Plan of Study

Recommended Course Sequence Semesters Offered Credit Hours
MATH 1314 - College Algebra Fall, Spring 3
BIOL 2301- Anatomy & Physiology I (lecture) Fall, Spring 3
BIOL 2101- Anatomy & Physiology I (lab) Fall, Spring 1
7 Hours
Semester 1
FIRT 1301 - Fundamentals of Fire Protection Fall 3
FIRS 1301 - Fire Certification I Fall 3
FIRS 1407 - Fire Certification II Fall 4
FIRS 1313 - Fire Certification III Fall 3
FIRS 1319 - Fire Certification IV Fall 3
16 Hours
Semester 2
FIRS 1323 - Fire Certifications V Spring 3
FIRS 1329 - Fire Certifications VI  Spring 3
FIRS 1433 - Fire Certifications VII  Spring 4
FIRT 1353 - Legal Aspects of Fire Protection Spring 3
FIRT 1338 - Fire Protection Systems Spring 3
16 Hours
Semester 3
FIRT 1319 - Firefighter Health and Safety Fall 3
FIRT 1327 - Building Construction in the Fire Service Fall 3
FIRT 1315 - Hazardous Materials I Fall 3
FIRT 1333 – Fire Chemistry I Fall 3
12 Hours
Semester 4
SPCH 1315 - Public Speaking Fall 3
ENGL 1301- Composition I Fall 3
LPC X3XX- Language, Culture and Philosophy/Creative Arts Fall 3
9 Hours