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Historic Fort McIntosh Campus

Laredo College’s downtown campus is located on a 200-acre tract of land which once served as a military fort that protected citizens and area ranchers from raiding Indians and bandits. Camp Crawford, later renamed Fort McIntosh, was established in 1849 near the point of an old Spanish and Indian river crossing. By 1850, the fort was renamed in honor of Lieutenant Colonel James Simmons McIntosh, a hero who lost his life after the Battle of Molino del Rey. A series of forts, Worth, Graham, Gates, Croghan, Scott, Lincoln, Duncan, and McIntosh, were established around this time to guard the frontier. These outposts were named in honor of fallen officers in the Mexican-American War.

Today, the grounds of the former Fort McIntosh are a state Archeological Landmark and National Register Historic District. Street names throughout the campus honor fallen heroes, presidents, fort commanders, officers, and soldiers.

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Laredo College South Campus

Laredo College South Campus, located at 5500 South Zapata Highway (US 83), was established to extend the college’s mission to the growing residential area of South Laredo. More than 80 percent of voters approved a $50 million bond issue to construct the campus, which was completed in the Spring of 2004. The 60-acre campus contains nine buildings and a new recreation complex.

Today, our Laredo College South Campus is home to our College of Health Science, Congressman Henry Cuellar Protective Services center, Senator Judith Zaffirni Library, and Raquel Gonzalez Automotive Technology Center to name a few. 

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