Loan Options


Effective as of fall 2012, LC no longer participates in federal & private student loan programs.

Federal Student Loans

For more student loan information and repayment options please visit the federal loan information site.  

If you have an EXIT counseling hold with LC, then please login to your FSA account to complete any necessary EXIT trainings. Once you complete the training you must submit proof via email to

Emergency Tuition Loans

LC does offer institutional loans to enrolled students who have financial aid processing underway, exceeded their lifetime federal aid eligibility, or don't have the funds to pay for class upfront. These types of loans are served on a first-come-first-serve basis. Therefore, funds may be depleted as payment deadlines approach. 

Here are some common questions regarding these loans:

Do I have to pay back emergency tuition loans?  
Is interest charged on emergency tuition loans?  
Are ebooks covered by emergency tuition loans?  
Are there any fees related to getting an emergency tuition loan?  
How long do I have to pay back my emergency tuition loan?  
What if I don't pay back my emergency tuition loan?  
Who can I contact for questions regarding alternatives to emergency tuition loans or about its payment?  

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