Installment Plan

Installment (Payment) Plan

Installment plans are available for Fall and Spring semesters only and must be processed by the published payment deadline, but no later than the census date of the enrollment term. Installment plans only cover tuition and mandatory fees and do not include any miscellaneous fees or charges.

Note: Students are limited to enrolling in one installment (payment) plan per semester.

Students have the option to process an installment (payment) plan either online or in person at the Ft. McIntosh or South Campus Bursar’s Office.

Students can log in to PASPort to enroll in the installment (payment) plan and follow the steps below.

1.) Log in to your PASPort account.
2.) Hover over the "Students" tab.
3.) Click on "My Student Records" link.
4.) Click "Pay My Bill" link.
5.) Click "Pay Now" button.
6.) Click "Payment Plans" button.
7.) Click "Enroll in Payment Plan".
8.) Select the Fall 2024 term and follow the step-by-step online instructions.


***New 25% Installment (Payment) Plan Available for Limited Time*** 

The Bursar's Office is pleased to announce a new installment plan for a limited time, available now through July 9th, 2024. You can secure your course(s) by paying a 25% down payment along with a $25.00 non-refundable contract fee.


The 25% installment (payment) plan information is listed below.

  • 25% Required Down payment + $25.00 (non-refundable) contract fee.
  • 25% Payment 1 of 3 : 08/09/2024
  • 25% Payment 2 of 3:  09/09/2024
  • 25% Payment 3 of 3:  10/09/2024 


The regular 50% installment (payment) plan will be available from July 10th thru August 26th, 2024.

The 50% installment (payment) plan information is listed below.

  • 50% Down payment + $25.00 (non-refundable) contract fee.
  • 25% Payment 1 of 2: 09/13/2024
  • 25% Payment 2 of 2: 10/11/2024


 Do not hesitate to reach out to us, whether it's by calling (956) 721-5112 or sending an email to, if you have any questions regarding the installment payment plan.