Student Success

Federal Student Loans at Laredo College 


Effective for the Fall 2012, Laredo College is no longer participating in the Federal & Private Student Loan Programs.


For more Student Loan information and repayment options please visit:  

www.studentaid.gov or https://studentaid.gov/h/manage-loans

Students who are required to complete an exit counseling, please visit the following website: studentloans.gov. To clear you exit loan counseling hold, you must submit proof of your completed exit loan counseling via email to finaid@laredo.edu
For emergency loans, payment plans, and other payment options please email the Bursar's Office at bursaroffice@laredo.edu.

Loan Borrowers:
Are you behind on your student loan payment or cannot make payments or cannot get financial aid to continue your education because you defaulted on your student loans? Help is on the way! Loan Science is here to assist you to rehabilitate your student loan.
Has Loan Science reached out to you via email or by telephone? Relax! Please know Laredo College is on your side, you were called on behalf of Laredo College Financial Aid Office to assist you manage your Student Loan Debt. Laredo College wants you to complete your degree or continue your certificate program.
The Loan Science website is your guide to help manage your student loan(s). In fact, we have it down to a science. We can help you navigate your loan repayment options easily without any additional charges.
For further assistance or question with your Student Loans, please visit Loan Science at https://www.loanscience.com/contact/borrower or email loansupport@loanscience.com  or call at 1-866-311-9450.