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Accident Reporting for Employees 



Employee's Responsibilities


Each full and part-time employee of Laredo College is covered under the college's Workers Compensation Insurance Plan. This plan offers employees medical care and temporary income benefits in case the employee suffers a work-related accident or illness.


To qualify, employees must report any and all work-related injuries or illnesses to their supervisor immediately upon occurrence.


Depending upon the severity of the injury, employees may need to seek immediate medical attention. In cases such as this, the injured employee's supervisor must receive knowledge of the incident as soon as possible.


For work-related injuries or illnesses not requiring immediate medical attention, the employee's supervisor must have knowledge of the incident prior to the employee leaving the premises to seek treatment.  


Employees should forward copies of all relevant Workers' Compensation paperwork personally received to the Safety and Risk Management Office to ensure proper and expedient processing of their claim.


Medical information is held by Laredo College in strict confidence in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 "HIPPA" guidelines.  


How to report an accident:


You can call us at 956.721.5852 for help during normal business hours.

By clicking on the link below you will be taken to the LC Accident Reporting Form. 

Read the form first and make sure you have your facts in mind before you start. 

Where it asks about your relationship to Laredo College select “Employee”.

Please print a copy for your accident report forms before you submit the document.

Also print down a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities under the Texas Workers Compensation System.


Your work supervisor will be sent a Supervisors' Investigation of Accident Form if appropriate for them to fill out. Make a point to call or sit with your supervisor to let them know about your incident and to help them finish their part of the accident reporting process.


 In the unlikely event that you are injured and lose time from work for 7 days or more and you wish to be paid; you must tell us in writing whether you wish to use some or all of your leaves. For your convenience we have linked the “Employee Election to use Paid Leave” form. Return this form to the Safety & Risk Management Office as soon as possible. When you return the Employee Accident report to the Safety & Risk Management office the Payroll department will be notified to review your leave account. 


If you have questions about your rights and responsibilities are while out on a worker's comp injury, please consider contacting the "Ombudsmen" at the Office of Injured Employee Counsel (a free service from the Division of Workers Comp) at 1.800.393.6432. The staff is employed by the Division of Worker's Compensation, Office of Injured Employee Counsel. They are not employed by Laredo College or the colleges' Worker's Comp insurance carrier. The "Ombudsmen" are not lawyers; however, they are trained in the field of workers' compensation law and procedures. They provide free assistance to injured persons such as yourself, who are not yet represented by attorneys. For more information, click here.  


LC Accident Reporting Form



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