Safety & Risk Management

Laredo College Alert 


Help us help you keep up to date in a crisis or critical event that may happen at either the Fort McIntosh Campus and or the South Campus. Join the Laredo College Alert Network. LC Alert is our automated mass notification system designed to bring you timely information about major safety concerns that affect the lives of students and staff at LC from top campus administrators.


During the last few years the Laredo College Alert bulletins have helped inform students and staff about campus closures due to bad weather conditions, or to be on the lookout for an escaped felon who was last seen near one of the campuses. By the way, sharp eyes saw and reported the felon within minutes of the bulletin.


The Laredo College Alert system can let you know what's going on by contacting you within minutes of an alert being issued.


First the LC Alert can send out an email to your college email address. Second it sends out a text message to any "SMS" compatible pager or cell phone. Finally the LC Alert system dials your home, work or cell phone number and plays a brief recorded message informing you of the situation and suggested action to take. The LC Alert also has the capability to send out emails to a second or third email address. This is a good option for those of you who do not make a habit of checking their college email account on a regular basis.


VIEW the guidelines for students and staff of Laredo College to consider when dealing with emergencies.


All staff and students are automatically signed up for the free LC Alert Warning system. The LC Alert system helps keep you informed about campus closures and emergencies via text, email or phone messages. It is a good idea for you to visit the LC Alert web site to review or update your information. Especially after you have moved, change phone numbers or one of your email addresses. If you have problems accessing your account write an email to Participation is optional for employees over the age of 18. To withdraw from the LC Alert system stop by the HR office and sign a withdrawal notice.