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What is the QEP?

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is an important component of the College’s decennial reaffirmation of accreditation. The College must develop a five-year plan to enhance the quality of its educational programs by focusing on an important aspect of student learning and/or the environment supporting that learning.


How was the QEP topic selected?

The topic was identified as one of the potential topics through the strategic planning discussions conducted throughout 2018. Three topics were voted on in January 2019 – Developmental Education, Digital Learning, and Guided Pathways. Digital Learning was selected by the entire college community through the voting process.



The overall focus is on bridging learning and student engagement through the incorporation of different types of digital technologies, professional development, and student support practices to enhance student success.


Three Goals




Six Strategies

Digital Connections: Bridging Learning and Technology has three overarching goals with corresponding outcomes focused on student success which will be assessed through multiple direct and indirect assessment methods to document the impact of the QEP. Through this plan, the College seeks to successfully achieve the following:


(1) Student Engagement: Create a collaborative model that integrates student services and instruction intent on developing opportunities for students to engage in high-impact practices.

1.1 Increase student engagement through digital learning opportunities.

1.2 Upgrade and increase access and connectivity to enhance student learning.


(2) Quality Course Content: Increase student success in gatekeeper and high attrition courses using digital learning technology to improve pedagogical practices.

2.1 Empower students academically by integrating digital tools into gatekeeper courses.

2.2 Identify and implement appropriate digital tools into gatekeeper courses


(3) Professional Development: Engage faculty and staff in professional learning opportunities intended to facilitate implementation of digital learning technology.

3.1 Enhance faculty knowledge and use of digital learning technology

3.2 Provide learning opportunities to ensure students and staff have knowledge of digital   technologies that enhance academic and student support services.


Multiple Activities

  • Integration of digital learning technology in selected high attrition courses
  • Initial focus will be on specific courses (History and Government) during early years of QEP to conduct a comprehensive study with the goal of expanding to other disciplines
  • Enhancement of technology access, connectivity, and infrastructure
  • Integration of digital resources through the college libraries and eLearning Instructional Innovation Center
  • Professional development to enhance knowledge and use of digital learning technologies
  • Creation of Digital eLearning Academy (DeLA)

Collaborative learning opportunities with DeLA, Human Resources and QEP Committee


Dr. Veronica G. Martinez

Assessment & Quality Enhancement Plan Director

Martin Building 128