Recruitment Services
Welcome to the Recruitment Department

The Recruitment Department provides institutional information about Laredo College and the many programs available through consistent outreach efforts to all members of the community.

In response to the recent COVID19 pandemic, the Student Success Center and the Recruitment office will be closed to the public until further notice. As of now, students needing to meet with a recruiter can request assistance by:

       Submitting an email to recruiters@laredo.edu, a recruiter will reply and will assist you with the registration process.

 * To get a copy of the steps needed to register with Laredo College please download our Checklist: Registration Checklist 

       Students having questions about registration and advisement of classes, please contact the Student Success Center below


  • submitting an email advising request to  www.laredo.edu/e-advising   or                                                     



Students who are pursuing a Certificate or Associate of Applied Science program or who are Music, Dance or Art majors should contact their respective department for advising. TRIO, Honors or LEAPS students should also consult with their assigned advisor. Click the following link to view contact information for these departments: Advisor Directory.





The Recruitment staff is here to serve the community in Laredo and surrounding counties. We strive to create an impact on Laredo and South Texas by offering continuous promotion of educational opportunities and programs available at Laredo College by visiting area high schools, businesses, and community agencies.





Fort McIntosh Campus

Lerma Peña Room 201 
Laredo College
West End Washington Street  
Laredo, Texas 78040


Phone 956.794.4113