TSI Exams will now be administered on campus.


Please reach out to our office at 956-721-5418 or at our South Campus at  956-794-4418


We have also posted a Frequently Asked Questions form regarding the TSI in our Assessment Center website as well as in the Admissions website.


Placement Testing


Placement testing, also known as assessment, is an important part of student success in post-secondary education. Information gained from assessment is used to advise students in the selection of courses that will provide the best possible opportunity for academic success.


Assessment is not used for admission purposes. After being admitted to the college, an assessment is mandatory for new students to determine placement level and/or to satisfy the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).



The Assessment Test

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2) is our state placement examination. The TSIA2 determines whether students have the skills to succeed in college-level courses, and it helps to place students in courses they are ready for, either college-level courses or courses to prepare them for college-level courses.


The TISA2 assesses the kinds of skills needed for success in college. You do not need to pass or fail the TSIA2; it only determines your current skill level in area(s) tested so that you can be placed appropriately.


The TSIA2 tests your academic preparation in the following areas:

  • English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR)
    •  ELAR exam may include an Essay
  • Math  


There is an $18 charge for taking all sections of the TSIA2. Fees for individual sections are as follows:

$12.00 ….. ELAR with Essay

$6.00 …… ELAR without Essay

$6.00 .….  Essay Only

$6.00 …… Math Only


Before you attempt the TSIA2 for the first time, there is a mandatory state-mandated Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) that must be completed. Every institution in Texas has their own PAA; PAAs from other institutions may not be used to satisfy LC’s PAA requirement and vice versa. LC’s PAA can be found online at: . If you have previously completed the former PAA, you do not need to complete the current version.


Taking the TSIA2

Follow the steps below to take the TSIA2 (may be done at either campus):

Apply for admission at the Office of the Registrar and Admissions.

Obtain assessment permit at the Student Success Center.

Pay TSIA2 fees at the Bursar’s Office. Fee will be determined based on which sections you need to take.

Complete PAA online. You may complete PAA online from home.

Bring your assessment permit, payment receipt of TSIA2 fees, and a valid, government-issued photo ID to the Assessment Center at either campus during testing hours.

The TSIA2 is administered on a walk-in basis. Arrival hours for the TSIA2 are Monday – Thursday from 8:00am – 1:00pm and Friday from 8:00am – 8:30am. Only Math exams are administered on Fridays.


You should allow approximately 3-5 hours for the complete TSIA2 assessment. The TSIA2 is computer-based and computer-adaptive, which means questions increase or decrease in difficulty level depending on how you respond. The TSIA2 is untimed; however, it is important that you allow yourself enough time to complete each section because the results are a key factor in determining your course placement.


Be sure to bring the following items on the day you will test:

Assessment Permit

Payment receipt for TSIA2 fees

Valid, government-issued photo ID


The TSIA2 is computerized, so you will not need to bring paper or pens/pencils. You will be provided with scratch paper and pencils at the Assessment Center.

You may NOT bring: books, dictionaries, calculators, cell phones, laptops, tablets, notes, papers, or other aides into the testing labs. Students who give or receive assistance during the TSIA2, use notes of any kind, remove test materials from the Assessment Center, or engage in any other prohibited/disruptive conduct may be subject to disciplinary action. Only the test-taker will be allowed in the testing lab.


For test preparation, you may visit:

     Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 - Mathematics Sample Questions

     Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 - English Language Arts and Reading Sample Questions


Other Assessment Tests

In addition to our state assessment examination, the TSIA2 may also be satisfied with the results of the following examinations:


The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

The American College Test (ACT)

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)

The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS)

Or other alternative testes approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). To verify if you qualify for exemptions based on scores from any of the above-mentioned exams, be sure to bring those exam results to the Office of the Registrar and Admissions or to the Student Success Center.


For more information on placement testing and assessment, contact:


Assessment Center


Fort McIntosh Campus                                  South Campus

Lerma-Peña Building 227                              William “Billy” Hall Student Center A245


(956) 721-5418                                           (956) 794-4418