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Private Donor Scholarships


I. Steps to Applying for Private Donor Scholarship Funding

  1. Register full time for the semester for which assistance is needed.
  2. Completely fill out the LC General Scholarship Application (include phone number)
  3. Provide an unofficial high school or college transcript (as applicable)
  4. Provide a bursar’s receipt
  5. Include a properly-formatted, typed essay stating what your plans are, why you should be awarded a scholarship and when you will be graduating from LC

II. Please Note:

  1. We cannot provide assistance for more than two semesters.
  2. Applicants must be local high school graduates in their freshmen year or beginning sophomore year in college.
  3. Only complete applications will be considered; consideration does not guarantee funding.
  4. Scholarships will be awarded only to students who meet donor criteria.
  5. Scholarships awarded by this office do not cover 100% tuition.
  6. If you are fully funded by Financial Aid or any other form of governmental assistance/grant, we are unable to assist you.
  7. Complete applications are due two weeks prior to payment deadline at the Private David B. Barkeley Cantu Veterans Memorial Chapel.



List of Scholarships


Name of Scholarship GPA  Tuition Books Major
Auxiliary to Mercy Endowed Scholarship 3 Y N Nursing
Border Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute 2.5 Y Y Oil and Gas
Joe & Josephine Brand Endowed Scholarship 2.5 Y N Math or Science
Carr/Salinas Trust Scholarship 2.5 Y N Arts
Carroll E. Summers, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 2.5 Y Y Allied Health 
ConocoPhillips Scholarship 2.5 Y Y Industrial Tech
Cesha Monique Brown Memorial Scholarship 2.8 Y Y Open
Diploma Plus MonoEd Endowed Scholarship 3 Y N Open
Daniel B. & Gloria Hastings Endowed Scholarship 3 Y Y Business/Acct.
I.G.N.C Ednowed Scholarship 3 Y N Education
Laredo Asian Association Endowed Sch. 3 Y N Kinesiology
Luis A Lozano Endowed Scholarship 2.8 Y Y Zapata Students
Laredo Webb County Bar Association 3 Y N Open
MHS Class of 59' Endowed Scholarship 3 Y Y Open
Herman & Lilla May O'Keefe Endowed Scholarship 2.8 Y Y Open
Sheriff M. Cuellar/Criminal Justice 2.8 Y N Criminal Justice
ConocoPhillips Scholarship 2.8 Y Y Oil and Gas
Dorothy Fisher Martinez Memorial Scholarship 3 Y Y Nursing
Falcon International Bank Scholarship 2.5 Y Y Open
Dr. Berta Z. Galvan 2.8 Y N Child Development
Jane M. Heidt Memorial Scholarship 2.5 Y Y Open/ GED Grad
Kazen, Meurer, & Perez Scholarship 2.5 Y Y Business/Acct.
Pan America Round Table Scholarship 3 Y N Open
Ricardo Hernadez Memorial Scholarship 3 Y N History 
TACHE/ LCC Chapter Scholarship 2.8 Y Y Open
Gloria & Guillermo Zuniga Memorial Scholarship 3 Y N Open