Community Relations
Donor Relations and Special Projects

Why do donors give? There are many reasons why generous, community minded people choose to offer a donation to Laredo College. Many choose to give because they have a genuine desire to make higher education accessible to all who are qualified and pursue it. Many of those who have been given much in their lives wish to repay that good fortune in the form of assistance to others.

Other donors make gifts to honor loved ones, either as a memorial or a “life gift.” A named endowment fund is an example of the latter. Other gifts may be made by individuals who have no heirs and who wish to advance their community by providing educational assistance.  Accountants may suggest making a charitable gift in order to receive tax incentives and benefits.  Other donors may feel that this type of gift brings social standing and prestige.

Whatever the reason for giving, the benefit is the same: a student who may not otherwise be able to afford a higher education has an opportunity to do so.