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Process for completing a 

Title IX Campus Incident Report


Any student or LC employee who believes they are the victim of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and/or retaliation targeting students can report this information to the appropriate Title IX Coordinator, any faculty, administrative/professional or classified staff member. Title IX Campus Incident Report will adhere to Title IX policies and procedures.  


Alternatively, a student may submit the report electronically (STOP!T) through the College District’s website. 

A Title IX Campus Incident Report can be directly submitted to the following individual:


Student               Employee

Laredo College

Associate Dean of Students

Title IX Coordinator

Raquel A. Pena

West End Washington Street

Laredo, TX  78040

(956) 794-4988



Laredo College

Senior Director of Human Resources and Safety

Veronica G. Cardenas

West End Washington Street

Laredo, TX 78040

(956) 721 -5138