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What is the Virtual College of Texas?


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The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) facilitates the sharing of individual distance learning courses among Texas two-year colleges.  A partnership between Laredo College and VCT allows LC students to enroll in an online course offered by another college in Texas.


VCT features a wide array of college credit courses that are listed at www.vct.org.  


The cost to enroll in a VCT course might be higher than for a regular on-campus course.


To enroll in a VCT course, students need to check the availability of a specific course on the VCT website and then contact the eLearning & Instructional Innovation Center at least one month before the advertised start date of the VCT course.


VCT Reservation Deadlines          



 Spring 2019   


 Deadline: December 07, 2018  


 Summer I 2019


 Deadline: May 3, 2019


 Summer II 2019 


 Deadline: June 7, 2019


 Fall 2019    


 Deadline: July 19, 2019


These deadlines are in place due to the review and approval process associated with VCT courses and are set to allow adequate time to prepare the course and enroll students before the start of the semester.  


For more information contact


Alicia J. Reed

VCT Coordinator