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Test Guidelines


Students testing at LEAC 307 must abide by the following:


  • A PICTURE I.D. (LC Palomino ID, Driver’s License, or other picture ID) is required:
    “NO Picture ID - NO EXAM”


  • Students MUST ARRIVE 2 hours before closing for final exam testing and 1 hour before closing during regular exams.  


  • You are NOT allowed to leave the testing lab once an exam has started.


  • Cell phones, smart watches, and other electronic devices MUST be turned OFF and put away.


  • Talking in the testing lab is prohibited.


  • Children or visitors are NOT allowed in the Testing Lab.


  • Food or drinks are NOT allowed in the lab.


  • Your instructor must approve the use of scratch paper, books, eBooks, calculators, or notes for the exam. Scratch paper used while taking an exam will be collected after the test is completed. The use of the calculator on cell phones is prohibited.


  • You are NOT allowed to copy/print any portion of the exam or ask for assistance with the exam, unless you experience technical problems.



The testing labs are equipped with security video cameras, and all exams are monitored/recorded. Exams will be terminated immediately if students are caught cheating or using their cell phones/smart watches, and the incidents will be reported to the respective instructors.