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eLearning Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Will I continue to have access to my course after the semester ends? 
Yes. You will have read only access to a course that has been concluded.  If you would like to edit the course content, contact the eLearning Center so that we can reactivate a specific course. 


2. Do I have access to the student grades even after they have dropped the course? 
Yes. If you require access to records of students who have dropped we can re-enroll the student in the course.  Canvas does not permanently delete course data, so this will revert all grades and attendance records.


3. Is there a process I must follow in order to teach a 100% online course?
Yes.  You must complete the series of training and exercises listed on our Faculty Training page.


4. What will happen if a student is testing via Respondus Monitor and they are disconnected from the internet or their computer reboots?
If a disconnect issue occurs, students regain access by simply accessing the exam a second time. The students will be asked to verify their IDs before continuing. 


5. When will my courses be available in Canvas at the onset of the semester?
Canvas courses are uploaded into Canvas three (3) weeks before the start of each new semester or two weeks before the summer session.


6.  How do I remove students from my Canvas roster?

To request for students to be removed from your Canvas roster, please forward the students' names, course numbers  and sections to elearning@laredo.edu, and we will promptly remove the students from your roster.  


7. Can I combine my courses into one Canvas course shell? 
Yes.  Simply follow the steps in this video


8. How does Canvas calculate grades?
Click here for explanation.


9. What if I have a different question from those listed here?
Visit our eHelpdesk Knowledge Bank!