Health Sciences
Health Sciences
Welcome to the Health Sciences Division

The mission of the Health Sciences Division is congruent to Laredo College's mission and vision.



Laredo College is a learner-centered institution transforming students’ lives through educational programs and services to fulfill the dynamic needs of its local, regional, national, and global community.



Laredo College aspires to cultivate a learning, teaching, and working environment that facilitates student success and promotes institutional excellence.


Core Values

Learner Centered: It’s all about students!

           Realization of educational and professional goals.

Learning Connections: It’s all about partnerships!

     Collaboration with all stakeholders.      

Leadership & Change: It’s all about innovation!

           Empowerment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Life Changing: It’s all about transformation!

      Excellence & Innovation that responds to student and community needs.                



The Health Sciences Division of Laredo College offers various degree paths in Health Sciences and Nursing.  Our goal is to provide all necessary information and academic guidance.  The faculty is committed to helping our students prepare in becoming professionals in their respective healthcare field.  


The Health Sciences Division offers the following programs:


  1. Emergency Medical Services
    1. Basic Certificate 
    2. AEMT- Certificate 
    3. Paramedic Certificate 
    4. Paramedic (AAS-Paramedic)

     2. Medical Assistant     

    1. Level 1 Certificate
    2. Medical Assistant (AAS-MA)
    3. Enhanced Skills Certificate- Coding

      3. Nursing   

a. ADN-RN to Bachelors of Science in Nursing Program (BSN)
b. Associate Degree Nursing Two Year Program (AAS)
c. Associate Degree Nursing Transition Program (AAS)
d. Vocational Nursing-Certificate
e. Nursing Assistant- Certificate (CE)

           4. Occupational Therapy Assistant (AAS-OTA)


           5. Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS-PTA)


           6. Radiologic Technology (AAS-RT)






    Health Sciences Division

    Fort McIntosh Campus

    Ruben M. Garcia Allied Health Center  
    Laredo College
    West End Washington Street  
    Laredo, Texas 78040


    Phone: 956.721.5261

    Fax: 956.721.5431