Adult Education & Literacy

How To Get Started



Eligibility for Adult Education and Literacy Programs


  • A resident of Webb, Jim Hogg or Zapata County.
  • A valid, current, government-issued photo ID is required.

High School Equivalency (HSE)  Exam Classes Eligibility Requirements (Previously known as GED):

  • Is 16 years old or older. 

Participant Information Release Form* will be provided during registration and must be signed by a parent/legal guardian.


Consent Letter** is addressed to Laredo College’s Adult Education & Literacy Program and signed by parent/legal guardian.


Judicial Letter of Approval*** is letter/memo from a judge stating that the Adult Education & Literacy High School Equivalency classes is the most appropriate educational setting.



Students who have High Equivalency Certificates or High School Diplomas can participate in the program, but must score below 12th Grade level in our program’s entrance baseline assessment (TABE).



English as a Second Language (ESL) Eligibility:

  • Any student below 18 years old is not eligible to participate. Unless he or she has her high school equivalency certificate from their native country
  • Individuals who have High School Diplomas can participate in the program, but must demonstrate the inability to read, write, or speak the English Language. Prospective students are given entrance exams (BEST PLUS 2.0 and BEST Literacy) to demonstrate their lack of proficiency in the English language.



Start by:

  • Bringing your identification.
  • Bringing proof of public assistance, if applicable.


After you have completed the orientation intake and submitted identification, you we will contact you for the next orientation session.


High School Equivalency Test Requirements:

In order to take the high school equivalency exams, the test-taker must:

have a government (national or foreign) issued photo ID, such as one of the following:
state driver license,
Department of Public Safety identification card,
military ID,
U.S. passport card, or
matrícula consular; 
(School ID cards will not be accepted)

provide proof of residency in Texas, which could be a:
Texas driver license,
utility bill showing a Texas address, or
bank statement showing a Texas address;

be 18 years of age;
not be enrolled in an accredited high school; and
not be a high school graduate from an accredited high school.


All participants are required to attend an orientation session.



Orientation Information