Adult Education & Literacy

Program Overview





The Laredo College - Adult Education & Literacy Department is funded by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Adult Education & Literacy (AEL). 




Courses offered in this program are provided tuition-free.



Eligibility Requirements and Required Documentation:  

  • Participants must meet age, residency, and documentation requirements. 
  • Once participant meets the requirements, an orientation intake packet must be completed.


For more detailed information visit our How To Get Started page.



Orientation & Registration Session:


Participants are required to attend an Orientation, before enrolling in any of the Adult Education & Literacy courses. 


Once we receive and process your Orientation Intake Packet, we will:

  • Contact you about our next orientation session.
  • Provide information on location and time of session.
  • Confirm your attendance for a scheduled session.


Attending an Orientation Session, you will:

  • View a PowerPoint presentation.

  • For High School Equivalency; review:
    • Academy Models
    • Exam Procedures
  • For English as a Second Language; cover:
    • Family Literacy Academy
  • Complete a Orientation/Registration Packet.
  • Initial Demonstration of Proficiency
    • An assessment (test) will be given. 

For more information visit our Adult Education & Literacy Department page. 





Because class participation is an integral part of the curriculum and development for success, all participants are required to attend all courses in which they are enrolled.


While attendance is required, it is recognized that absences at times are unavoidable. 


If an absence is necessary, it is the responsibility of the participant to communicate with:


  • Instructor,
  • Career Navigator, or
  • Instructional Coordinator.


More than three consecutive days of absences from class may result in the student being dropped, in extenuating circumstances, exemptions may allow participant to continue.



Programs/Classes offered:


The classes are an average of 10-weeks long. Classes are offered in different formats and at a variety of times in order to meet students' varying needs. 

  • High School Equivalency (HSE) courses offered:
    •  Adult Basic Education (ABE)
    • Adult Secondary Education (ASE)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) courses offered:
    • Beginning ESL Literacy
    • Low Beginning ESL
    • High Beginning ESL
    • Low Intermediate ESL
    • High Intermediate ESL
    • Advanced ESL
  • Complimentary courses when enrolled in HSE or ESL program:
    • El Civics (ESL Only)
    • Digital Literacy
    • Distance Learning
    • Workplace Literacy
    • Workforce Prep

Student Support Services:


A participant currently enrolled in any courses, will have access to Laredo College campus resources and services, to help and assist them excel in their education.


  • Financial Aid
  • Computer Labs
  • Library
  • Tutoring
  • Special Services
  • Advising:
    • Career Navigator:
      •  A Career Navigator is available to provide support with the following:  
      • Career Exploration 
      • Transition to Post-Secondary Education or Employment 
      • Register students in occupational programs
      • Provide information about ITE/CIVICS courses
      • Conduct interviews to potential candidates for the IET occupational program