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In-Person and Virtual Zoom appointments are available by scheduled appointment only. 

 Email us at: dualenrollment@laredo.edu, call us at 956-794-4113, or use the Dual Enrollment Contact information form below.                                                

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment is a program that allows qualified high school students to earn college and high school credit while meeting graduation requirements. 


Who Can Participate?

In order to qualify, students must be in high school and have the support of their parents and principal.  They also need the support of a high school counselor who can verify appropriate college-level courses or program pathways based on placement test scores.


Which Courses are Offered?

High schools are offering both general education (HB1) and/or career technical education (HB5) courses to eligible students.


Dual Enrollment Objectives:

Dual enrollment creates access for high school students participating in post-secondary education opportunities (academic & career).

  • Increase college credits awarded to high school students.​
  • Reduces college costs for students and families.
  • Reduces the length of time it takes for students to obtain their academic and/or career goals.

Why Take Dual Enrolled Courses?

Begin college early.  High school students can begin working on a vocational certificate, associate's degree and/or university transfer requirements while completing as much as one year of college.


Save money.  Students and their families can save thousands of dollars of college costs.


Easier transition to college.  Students will gain confidence in their ability to do college work and may have an easier transition into post-secondary education.


Who Teaches These Courses?

Dual enrolled classes may be taught by high school teachers who are also approved LC Adjunct Faculty and/or LC Faculty Instructors/Adjuncts.  Instructors use college curriculum and textbooks and deliver a college-level course, which will require students to work at a higher level.





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