HB 2504 Information


In 2009 a the Texas Legislature passed a House Bill (HB-2504) "relating to requiring a public institution of higher education to establish uniform standards for publishing cost of attendance information, to conduct student course evaluations of faculty, and to make certain information available on the Internet".


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Online List of Work-Study Employment Opportunities (Sec. 56.080.)

  • establish and maintain an online list of  work-study employment opportunities, sorted by department as appropriate, available to students on the institution's campus.
  • ensure that the list is easily accessible to the public through a clearly identifiable link that appears in a prominent place on the financial aid page of the institution's Internet website.
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Departmental Budget (Sec. 51.974.)


if available, a departmental budget report of the department under which the course is offered, from the most recent semester or other academic term during which the institution offered the course.

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Cost of Attendance (Sec. 61.0777.)


The board shall prescribe uniform standards intended to ensure that information regarding the cost of attendance at institutions of higher education is available to the public in a manner that is consumer-friendly and readily understandable to prospective students and their families. You may read more on the on this topic by reading the section (Uniform Standards for Publications of Cost of Attendance Information) at


Click here to see Laredo Community College's tuition and fees.


End-of-Course Student Evaluation on Faculty (Sec. 51.974.)


Institutions of higher education included in this section shall conduct end-of-course student evaluations of faculty and develop a plan to make evaluations available on the institution's website.


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Syllabus Information (Sec. 51.974.)

  • satisfies any standards adopted by the institution;
  • provides a brief description of each major 
  • course requirement, including each major assignment and examination; 
  • lists any required or recommended reading; and
  • provides a general description of the subject matter of each lecture or discussion.
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Curriculum Vitae (Sec. 51.974.)

  • a curriculum vitae of each regular instructor that 
    • lists the instructor's: 
    • post-secondary education; 
    • teaching experience; and 
    • significant professional publications  

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