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 Institutional Identity Guidelines


Laredo Community College has a vision – a vision for quality education with a commitment to excellence to ensure all students achieve their educational objectives. It is a mission of excellence that the LCC family is proud to promote through its marketing and communications efforts.


At the core of the LCC vision is its identity system. It is the lens through which our audience views our college brand, and it establishes the contours within which our brand is sculpted. Our identity system is designed to present one cohesive image of the college for all audiences– students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, and the community at large. This system includes the consistent and correct use of the college’s logo, colors and typography.


This identity guide defines these basic elements and provides guidelines for their proper use. All internal and external communications should incorporate these guidelines. By following these guidelines, every representation of the Laredo Community College brand will convey our image in a strong, clear and recognizable manner.


Use of the college’s wordmark and logos are managed by the Community & Media Relations Office.