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Laredo College Trading Station receives Rotary grant for student assistance




The Laredo College Trading Station was awarded a grant by the Laredo Rotary to assist students with food, clothing, hygiene products and essential supplies during this difficult time.


The LC Trading Station is a one-stop locale providing free food, clothing, personal hygiene items and assistance to students at both campuses all year long. This assistance was coordinated through the collaborative effort between the Laredo College Associated Student Organization (ASO), Laredo College Classified Staff Council, faculty and students who shared a vision to help LC students by providing clothing and food items during times of need. 


Our college understands that a large number of students are economically struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the LC Office of Student Life applied to various food pantries and emergency grants for crisis response in order to assist students through the Trading Station.


On May 21, the LC Trading Station officially received a $500 grant from the Rotary to purchase emergency care packages that will assist around 100 students.  


These funds are part of the Rotary District 59-30 COVID relief fund. As mentioned by Rotary Member Marissa Longoria, “$10,000 [were] allocated for immediate relief to the different Rotary Club Committees throughout south Texas. We were very fortunate to get [the application for Laredo College] approved, after an extensive review.”


The Rotary recognizes the importance of the Trading Station’s mission to transform student lives by providing resources that enhance the quality of life of LC students, especially during this challenging time.


LC President Ricardo J. Solis said, “We are grateful to have received this emergency grant to assist our students. They are our main priority and our college will continue to collaborate with local organizations to provide the necessary tools to reach their career goals and stay healthy.”


Our students can rest assured that this emergency care package will be of great use as they return to their daily routines such as employment or academics. The use of this emergency grant will help students to obtain professional clothing for upcoming job interviews, have food available for several days and maintain sanitary self-care.


The emergency care packages will be distributed at both campuses to registered LC students in the upcoming months. In order to receive the package, students must be a registered LC student. Packages will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Further details will be provided once the packages are assembled for distribution.