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LC Board of Trustees votes revisit suspended college programs

At its regular board meeting held Thursday, April 29, the Laredo College Board of Trustees voted to reinstate and continue the suspension of several college activities and programs.


The board unanimously approved a motion to continue the suspension of the Laredo College Camilo Prada Child Development Center operations for one year and to reevaluate its status in fall 2021. The board also voted on several items pertaining to the reinstatement, creation and continued suspension of college sports.


Laredo College Board President Lupita Zepeda said that all decisions regarding the programs are dependent upon health and safety considerations, operational factors and budgetary restrictions. Although some items were tabled for future discussion, the board focused on providing additional clarity regarding Laredo College athletic programs.


“We have begun to set in motion the plan to bring back sports programs responsibly,” Zepeda said. “Our trustees are also looking at any other possible options for adequately financing additional sports in the 2021-2022 season. With the actions taken by the board, we have reinstated the men’s soccer program and added the women’s soccer program at this time as well as expanded our wellness program for students in accordance with the recommendations provided by the ad hoc committee.”


Laredo College Board Secretary Jackie Leven-Ramos, who serves as chairperson of the ad hoc committee for sports programs, noted that the board and the ad hoc committee are diligently working and listening to all perspectives regarding the programs. The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our community and our college. Every institution has had to deal with different challenges and make decisions that are adequate to their community’s needs. Since the one-year athletic suspension is still in place until August 2021, the board ultimately voted to table the discussion for a later time.


“The pandemic wreaked havoc on our families, community and institutions,” Ramos said. “We are doing everything possible to adapt to the new normal with health and safety in mind. The goal of the ad hoc committee was to bring clarity and direction regarding the status of the programs. The committee provided a recommendation to the board based on current health and safety guidelines as well as financial constraints at this time.”