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Laredo College to hold informational sessions on Cyber Defense and Digital Forensics programs 


CI2Many operations today rely on computer systems and digital networks in order to run efficiently. Preparing students to become experts in fields that support this critical infrastructure is a high priority at Laredo college. In an effort to support the continued maintenance of a protected information system across all industries locally and globally, Laredo College will be offering two specializations beginning in August in the Cyber Defense and Digital Forensics fields.


“As the world becomes more technologically interconnected, the risks posed by cybercriminals to our communities, government entities and businesses increase,” LC Cybersecurity Institute Assistant Director Tekuani Perez said. “We will need more Cybersecurity and Digital Forensic professionals to help defend and protect our critical networks and infrastructure.”


LC President Dr. Ricardo J. Solis mentioned that these degrees will educate students with strategies and tactics to take an active approach to anticipate adversarial cyber actions and to counter intrusions. The programs provide an integrated course of study with innovative technology to prepare students for this complex and rapidly changing field. 


Those interested in registering for any of these two programs must have completed the Texas Success Initiative exam, complete a free six-hour introductory course from IBM, create a LinkedIn account, undergo an interview, and attend the mandatory information session.


The Cybersecurity Institute experts will conduct the information sessions at our college. They will explain each program’s information, requirements, curriculum expectations and a brief overview of the skills enrolled students will acquire through the semesters. Interested individuals must register for the session before attending.  


Two information sessions will be held on Tuesday, May 11 at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the Falcon Bank Executive Conference Room. Limited spaces are available. Therefore, everyone interested in enrolling for any of these two fields must register for the information session by emailing or The public may also contact us at (956) 764-5703 or (956) 721-5419 for more details.