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Laredo College LEAPS students selected for their scientific research


The end of July marked the lives of many Laredo College students. A total of ten LEAPS Program students are enjoying the fruits of their academic efforts at the 2022 Louis Stroke Center for Promotion Academic Careers (LS-PAC) MODELS Diversity STEM Conference.


The LS-PAC MODEL Center is a data-driven center dedicated to broadening participation in the STEM professoriate through mentoring, networking and professional development. They are interested in helping unrepresented minority scholars achieve their doctorate degrees and enhance the pathways to academic careers. This center is funded by the National Science Foundation and the Office of Strategic Initiatives.


The center organized a forum for undergraduate and graduate students to provide networking opportunities for attendees as they present their research and share intel in the process. The LS-PAC MODELS Diversity STEM Conference took place between July 21 and July 23 in New Orleans, focusing on broadening STEM pathways by creating an inclusive and equitable academic ecosystem.


In order to qualify, participants must have submitted a 300-word abstract explaining their research. LC LEAPS staff ensured that students’ presentations focused on the accepted STEM research area, to not work as a collaboration, had an oral or poster presentation, and mentioned the research’s importance and the correct use of the scientific method.


From students all over the United States, ten LC students were selected to attend the week-long forum, where they presented their research and met peers with related interests. Our institution is very proud of  Vivian Andrade, Daniela Castro, Maria Cervantes Abrego, Dominique Guillen, Erick Herrera, Julie Martinez, Rebecca Parra, Manuel Peralta, Raquel Puig and Elizabeth Robles.


“LC students worked on their research diligently to obtain an excellent opportunity,” Project Director Rosemary Aguero said. “This was also part of their final semester research project for the LEAPS Program. Therefore, they had the presentation experience needed to succeed at the conference. We are thrilled to provide as much assistance to help students grow academically.”


The students experienced and listented to keynote speakers, round table discussions, short talks, workshops and oral or visual research presentations. LC students were amazed by the discussions on STEM innovations, community building, mentoring practices, academia navigation, career development and much more.