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LC ready to begin spring semester with all health and safety precautions in place

The Laredo College Board of Trustees, administration and Health and Safety Operations Center (HSOC) have been closely monitoring the situation regarding the omicron variant and the surge of COVID-19 related cases since last year. Hence, we had anticipated possible local surges and planned accordingly by not increasing our face-to-face course offerings and having more online and hybrid course options.


Due to our anticipation of another possible surge of cases and taking this into consideration when planning our academic schedule and course delivery options for the spring, our semester will continue as scheduled with a start date of Tuesday, Jan. 18. With over half of Laredo College students enrolled for the spring semester taking online courses only and the stringent health and safety measures implemented at both campuses, our institution is confident that we will continue to provide a safe environment conducive to student success.


Since the onset of the pandemic, Laredo College has advocated for students, employees and the community-at-large to follow the health and safety recommendations outlined by local, state and federal health authorities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These guidelines include frequent hand-washing, social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting frequently used surfaces, limiting contact with others and staying home when sick. We will continue to encourage adherence to these measures, which have proven successful in minimizing the spread of the virus.


Moreover, a new initiative that we implemented last semester was our new application, Campus Shield, which allows students to answer a screening questionnaire and report if they are experiencing any symptoms or have been recently in contact with someone who tested positive. Through our Board of Trustees and administrators’ vision and support for this effort, we have been able to further our mitigation efforts along with the support of our employees and students.


“We take pride in safeguarding our students and employees by offering education and resources to help them stay safe and healthy,” Laredo College Interim Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs and Compliance Dr. David Arreazola said. “We anticipated this surge and thus kept our courses mostly hybrid and online. Hence, there is no need to make any changes to our current semester schedule. Although we remain cautiously optimistic, we always plan with a worst-case scenario in mind and remain vigilant of any developments regarding this quickly-evolving situation. Our decisions are grounded in the scientific and empirical data at our disposal along with the guidance of our health authorities.”


For additional information regarding our extensive safety and health measures, please visit or call (956) 764-5984.