Student Life

Intramural Athletics


The intramural athletic program provides all students, staff, faculty and administration the opportunity to participate in a competitive individual or team sport.  This program offers organized competition with peers and colleagues and will develop skills and knowledge for lifetime recreation.


Participation in racquetball, table tennis, billiards, handball, tennis, golf, badminton and marathon competition is available for students who prefer individual sports activities. Team sports include flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball, weight lifting, and bowling.  There are provisions for male/female participation in each area and mixed participation in all team sports.  An example of the intramural athletic program is as follows; other sports may be added or deleted each academic year.  The intramural coordinators will provide a current schedule of activities.  The office is located at the Maravillo Gymnasium.  LCC students in either campus can participate in all intramural activities.