Student Handbook
Student Handbook

Continuing Education 


The Continuing Education Department offers courses to community members interested in enhancing their occupational, professional, cultural, or social skills beyond their current levels. We continually strive to provide a comprehensive inventory of short non-credit courses in various disciplines.   



Continuing Education courses are featured in a printed quarterly schedule which is disseminated throughout the community and on the LC website. Courses are also publicized by the Marketing and Public Relations Office with the cooperation of the local news media. All courses are taught by highly-qualified instructors, and general information pertaining to their content is provided at the time each course is publicized.




Under the following general categories, a variety of programs are available:




Computer Technology

Professional Development

Workforce Preparation

    Dental Assisting Program

Pharmacy Technician Program

Safety and Health

 Petroleum Technology



Continuing Education also offers Customized Trainings to the business community, we can collaborate with your business to develop specific trainings to improve your employees’ job skills and enhance productivity. For additional information, you can contact the Continuing Education Department at (956) 721.5374 Ft. McIntosh campus or LC South Campus at (956) 794.4520. We are located at the Ft. McIntosh Eloy Garcia Building Room 102 and at the Academic and Advanced Technology Center, Room 126 at the South Campus. Classes can be held at the Laredo College, Laredo College South campuses, or Off Campus.