Student Handbook
Student Handbook

 Early Enrollment Program 



The Early Enrollment Program is designed to provide students the opportunity to enroll and receive credit for college courses while completing the requirements for high school graduation.  Applicants for early enrollment must meet the following provisions:



  • Students must be in their freshman year of high school.   
  • Students must present an LC Early Enrollment Form signed by the high school principal and counselor certifying that they are in good standing with the high school attending, and giving consent to enroll at Laredo College.  
  •  A high school transcript must also be submitted.  These documents must then be submitted to the LC Enrollment and Registration Services Center for final approval. 
  • Students must remain in good standing with the high school and LC while concurrently enrolled.  
  • Students must take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment or have exemplary SAT, ACT, TAKS, STAAR or TAAS scores prior to enrollment.  


Students may register for courses in the areas that TSI is satisfied and for which they have the prerequisites.  By law, students may not enroll for any developmental course. 

Additional information can be obtained from the LC Fort McIntosh Campus, Dual Enrollment Office, Lerma-Peña Room 116, (956) 721.5472 or (956)794-4111.