Student Handbook
Student Handbook

 Maravillo Gymnasium




Students and Laredo College (LC) staff are encouraged to use the gymnasium whenever it is open.  Organized classes will receive first priority for use of activity areas.  Occasional scheduling changes may be necessary due to inclement weather, camps, or other special events.  The hours of operation are posted at the gymnasium and fitness center. 


The following policies remain in effect for use of the gym and fitness center for recreational purposes for all students and LC staff:  




1.      A validated college ID must be deposited at the entrance desk upon entering the gym or fitness center.  College employee’s spouses and dependents are allowed to use the facilities, but must also present an ID.  Minors must be accompanied by an adult. NO GUESTS ARE ALLOWED. 




2.      Lockers are available for eligible facility users on a semester-to-semester basis.  These lockers must be assigned by the Kinesiology Department. 




3.      Appropriate gym-wear for exercise is required, INCLUDING PROPER ATHLETIC SHOES. 




4.      Priorities for area usage are: classes, wellness, special events, and staff/students.

5.     Food and drinks are only permitted in the entrance area of the gym and fitness center.   



 6.     Weight training room, which includes the following equipment: universal gym, free weights and muscle selectors.  



7.      The Main Floor at the Maravillo gym is available for full and half-court basketball and volleyball play. LC does not furnish equipment for students in certain sports.



8.       Racquetball/Handball courts are available for your use. You must have your own equipment in order to play. LC does not furnish equipment for students. Racquetball play REQUIRES protective eyewear. Currently, not available due to campus renovation. 



9.       Tennis courts, softball fields, and soccer fields are located in the LC Sports Complex on the North side of the campus.



10.      Cardio Lab is available adjacent to the weight training room, which includes Stairmaster, Treadmills, cycles and offer cross training equipment etc.




Most important, the student using these facilities must deposit a validated LC Identification Card at the Maravillo Gym Room 152 or the LEAC Fitness Center Room 125.  All Kinesiology classes require an LC uniform.