Student Handbook
Student Handbook

                       Employment Assistance Services


The Student Success Center provides employment assistance services that promote student success in the areas of career exploration, career planning, and optimum job searches. Employment assistance services include computer based interests, skills and career planning assessments, occupational information, job readiness training, and a career resource library.


Students are encouraged to explore part-time jobs on a limited basis to gain career-related work experience, and full-time employment upon completion of their studies. Students receive assistance in resume preparation, cover letters, interview techniques, and other job search preparations.


Staff members work with employers to help identify, recruit, and fill job openings in their businesses.  Employers can set up visits to the campuses. Interested students may sign up for appointments.


Every fall and spring semester, the center sponsors an LC EXPO, a job fair where many businesses participate in exhibiting job opportunities and career information in their respective fields.


Students needing more information can contact the Student Success Center at (956) 721-5135 or (956) 794-4135.