Office of the Registrar and Admission

Student Records Management for the Institution

  • File and store student records (Hard Copy and Electronic)
  • Ensure the secure maintenance of student records

Admission Applications

  • Process admissions applications (online only)
    • Create student records for campus wide access
    • Update student’s personal data (Name, SS#, Address, e-mail, date of birth and phone changes)
    • Place, delete, and waive holds according to the documentation needs.

Continuing Education

  • Process Workforce Development and CE Registration Form
    • For further questions, please contact CE department at 956-721-5374
    • Create CE student records (Name, SS#, Address, e-mail, date of birth and phone changes)
    • Place, delete, and waive holds according to the documentation needs.
    • Please contact the CE department at 721-5374

    PID Number (Palomino)

    • Issue Temporary Palomino ID cards to students

    High School Transcripts

    • Review and enter high school data 

    College and University Transcripts

    • Review and evaluate course work from other institution in order to determined LC equivalencies.
    • New articulations of college and university for course equivalencies are updated.

    Transcript Requests

    • Receive transcript requests via internet and in person
    • Process and mail transcript requests
    • Log all transcripts requests

     Letters of Acceptance

    • Generate, mail, and issue acceptance letters to prospective students

    Award Institutional Credits

    • Receive and enter CLEP and AP scores
    • Enter TECH PREP credits
    • Enter Credit by Certification

    Declaration of Major

    • Process change of major requests

    Residency Status

    • Determine Texas Residency for tuition purposes
    • Review Residency Reclassification Requests


    • Guide students in all processes involved with registration
    • Guide faculty in all processes involved with registration
    • Manually register students for classes
    • Manually process add or drops for students
    • Make students aware of policies regarding drops (6 drop limit)
    • Work with Bursar’s office to verify and/drops and applicable refunds

    Student Enrollment Maintenance

    • Keep accurate records of all student enrollment documents: Registration Permits, Add Drop forms, Class rolls, signed Enrollment Certifications, Instructional department requests for Class changes, grades, grade changes and transcript requests.
    • Provide information, via legal authority, to outside sources regarding student’s enrollment (subpoenas, military requests, etc.)
    • Abide by FERPA regulations regarding student information


    • Work with students to verify enrollment information needed for insurances, work related requests, etc.

    Academic Bankruptcy

    • Inform students and faculty about LC’s academic bankruptcy
    • Apply academic bankruptcy regulations to qualified students
    • Maintain student records that have qualified for academic bankruptcy