Student Success


Satisfactory Academic Progress  


Federal regulations mandate that a student receiving financial assistance under federal Title IV programs must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in his/her course of study regardless of whether or not financial aid is awarded each semester.  

Students pursuing a certificate or associate degree are responsible for understanding and adhering to the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy.  It is important for all students to understand that the primary financial responsibility for paying for college lies with the student and the parent.  All appropriate applications, documentation, and information must be accurate. 


In the case of a self-supporting student, the primary financial responsibility lies with the student and/or the spouse, if married.  Therefore, the purpose in completing the financial aid application process is to determine the expected contribution from income and assets toward the total cost of education by the student, his/her parents or spouse if married.   


Mandated by federal regulations for the purposes of receiving student aid, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is measured with the following standards: 

1- Minimum GPA Requirement:

Students must maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.0, that includes transfer credits applicable towards the program of study with passing grades. 

2- Minimum Completion Rate:

Student must pass and complete at least 67% of all attempted credits. (Failing grades, drops, incompletes, and withdrawals can result in failure to meet the 67% requirement.)

3- Maximum Time Frame (MTF):

The total hours financial aid will fund a particular degree is measured by the Maximum Time Frame. 

Maximum Time Frame = 150% of the required hours to graduate from a program.