Financial Aid

Student Rights & Responsibilities


Student’s Rights:


  • You have the right to privacy. All records and information submitted with your application for financial aid are confidential and subject to legal requirements concerning the disclosure of such information. For more information, please visit www.laredo.edu/cms/fa.
  • You have the right to know the costs. This includes costs for tuition and fees, housing, as well as the estimates for books and supplies and personal and miscellaneous expenses used in determining your financial aid cost of attendance. For more information, see www.laredo.edu/cms/fa. Actual tuition, fees, and housing, and a list of common charges can be found at www.laredo.edu/cms/fa.All of your charges are itemized on your account statement, available online through PASPort. 
  • You have the right to know what financial aid programs are available to you, including all federal, state, and local financial aid programs, including the procedures and forms necessary to apply, student eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and criteria for determining the amount of a student’s award for these programs
  • You have the right to know how to apply for financial aid. For more information, visit www.laredo.edu/cms/fa.
  • You have the right to know how your financial aid eligibility was determined, which includes what resources were considered in the calculation of your eligibility for financial assistance (such as the expected family contribution and other financial aid). Please review your award of financial assistance, the financial aid homepage, and PASPort. You may also call or visit the Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center and speak with a Financial Aid advisor (956.721.5361).
  • You have a right to know the academic standards you must maintain in order to have continued financial aid eligibility, commonly known as Satisfactory Academic Progress. Satisfactory Academic Progress standards can be found at www.laredo.edu/cms/fa.


Student’s Responsibilities:


  • I understand that in compliance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and the Regents' Policy on Access to and Release of Student Education Records, the College is prohibited from providing certain in formation from my student records to a third party, such as information on grades, billing, tuition, and fee assessments, financial aid (including scholarship, grants, work-study, or loan amounts) and other student record information. This restriction applies but is not limited to your parents, your spouse, or a sponsor. 
    • You may, at your discretion, grant the College permission to release information about your student records to a third party by submitting a completed Student Information Release Authorization. You must complete a separate form for each third party to whom you grant access to information on your student records. The specified information will be made available only if requested by the authorized third party. The College does not automatically send information to a third party.
    • Submit your completed form to Office of the Registrar and Admissions, Laredo College. Please note that your authorization to release information is for one semester; however, you may revoke your authorization at any time by sending a written request to Office of the Registrar and Admissions. This form allows third parties to access student record information from the College. NOTE: For the third party designee you name on the form, this release overrides all FERPA directory suppression information that you have set up in your student record. However, it is the College's policy not to release certain aspects of student records (e.g., registration, grades, GPA) over the phone or via email. 
  • I authorize the Student Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs Services Center to release any information concerning my records at Laredo College to any federal, state, institutional, local organization or agency necessary for the administration of my award(s), processing of my application(s), submitting my records for scholarships or submitting required reports.
  • I understand that the authorization requested above will remain in effect unless revoked by me in writing after a personal conference with a Financial Aid Staff member in the Student Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs Services Center. I further understand that in endorsing or approving an application for certain programs, the Student Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs Services Center accepts responsibility and has legal and contractual obligations for submitting subsequent reports as required by such institutions, agencies or organizations and that when these commitments apply, this authorization cannot be revoked.
  • I understand that all formal communication from the Student Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs Services Center will be sent to my LC Student Email Account on the student portal; pasport.laredo.edu. As a student of LC, I am responsible to check my school email.
  • I understand that I am responsible for reading the LC College Catalog, registration guides, be familiar with calendars and be informed of deadlines. 
  • I understand that I have declared my current degree program, under the correct catalog year that I am pursuing at Laredo College. I understand that not all classes, majors, or certificates are eligible for financial aid. I must adhere to the classes on the Degree Plan or Certificate Program that I have declared in order to receive financial aid. 
  • According to the Department of Education Federal Student Aid regulations, I must be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program to receive Federal Student Aid funds. A regular student is someone who is enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible institution for the purpose of obtaining a degree or certificate offered by the school (Laredo College). I must be or will be a full-time, three-quarter, half-time or less that half time college student as defined by the Office of the Registrar during the time I am requesting assistance. 
  • I understand that only classes applying to my degree program will be used in calculating my financial aid eligibility. If I am unsure of which classes I need to take for my program, I will meet with an LC Counselor or Academic Advisor. 
  • I understand that I must reapply for financial aid each school year (studentaid.gov) and I understand that I cannot receive financial aid from two institutions during the same semester. 
  • I understand that based on Federal law I am allowed equivalent of six years of Pell Grant funding. I may view how much Pell eligibility I have used by visiting https://nsldsfap.ed.gov/nslds_SA/ 
  • I understand that my financial aid will only cover 30 hours of developmental/remedial classes. I agree to pay for developmental classes over 30 hours. 
  • I understand that I am subjected to a State Policy regarding Differential Tuition of $60.00 per credit hour for students who enrolled for certain courses taken for the third time or more or for students who enrolled for developmental/remedial courses and have already taken 27 or more semester of developmental coursework. 
  • I understand that if I receive an “F” and I repeat the course for a better grade and I receive a “D”; I am allowed to repeat the course for a better grade; however, financial aid will not cover for the third attempt.
  • I understand that the Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center utilizes LC PASPort and LC student e-mail accounts to request missing financial aid information, provide award eligibility, and additional correspondences.
  • I understand that in accordance with the Department of Education, I may have to submit additional documentation at any time, even after I am initially awarded. Once documentation is submitted to the Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center, it cannot be returned to me and/or my parents (if applicable). Personal copies must be made in advance. The Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center does not provide copy service. This documentation becomes part of the permanent file in consideration of Federal Student Aid awards.
  • I understand that until all requested information has been submitted, reviewed and verified, financial aid will not be applied to my student account. If my financial aid does not completely cover my student account balance, I understand I am responsible for payment. Failure to do so may result in a hold being placed on my account. Most student services will be unavailable to me such as: inability to register and unable to order a transcript. Please visit the Bursar’s Office Fort McIntosh Campus at Lerma Peña, room 101 or South Campus at Billy Hall Jr. Student Center, room A109 or call (956) 721-5112 to make payment arrangements.
  • I understand if I am eligible for Federal Work Study I can apply for Federal Work study positions on campus. In order to receive work study funds I must be enrolled in at least 6 college credit hours, must have a current and completed financial aid application on file with the Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Service Center and adhere to the Satisfactory Academic Policy (SAP). Federal work study student workers are paid semi-monthly.
  • I understand that if I have unused Pell grant funds remaining after the fall and spring semesters (did not attend full-time both terms) it may be applied to Maymester and Summer semesters.
  • I understand that if I completely withdraw from school or receive “F_’s” for all my classes due to non-attendance or all “F” I will be subjected to repay a portion of my financial aid. I must check with a financial aid advisor or refer to the Financial Aid Handbook by visiting www.laredo.edu/cms/fa for any questions regarding the “Return of Title IV Policy”.
  • I understand if I drop a course(s) or stop attending/participating in one or more courses at any time during the semester my financial aid may be adjusted which may result in a balance owed on my account, which must be paid immediately. 
  • I understand that I am financially responsible for all charges related to my registration. I further understand that if I decide not to attend the course(s), which I am registered for, it is my responsibility to drop the course(s) by their refund date listed on the calendar in the college catalog and the registration guide to avoid financial liability to the college. 
  • I understand that if I am receiving financial aid and I am registered for classes I am considered to be officially enrolled. Any student on financial aid that decides not to be enrolled after registering must drop their courses by filling out a drop slip at the Office of the Registrar and Admissions. Students will not be automatically cancelled; students must request to be dropped. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that a drop slip has been completed and processed whether it is student requested or faculty initiated. 
  • I understand that Flex and Combo courses (classes that do not start at the beginning of a semester) are not included in my financial aid award until I am actually enrolled in these courses. My financial aid is adjusted to eligible hours enrolled as of the official reporting date (12th class date fall and spring and 4th class date summer I & II). Reimbursement for flexible classes will be issued after completion of the course. Tuition and fees and outstanding balances will be deducted before a refund for the difference is issued. Any student receiving federal funding who withdrawals from all classes before the 60% point of the semester must return the unearned portion of the aid disbursed. Failure to return the funds will result in a “HOLD” being placed on all student records.
  • I understand that past-due student accounts will result in college registration and services being withheld by placing a “HOLD” on my student account in accordance with college regulations.
  • I understand that Federal Pell and SEOG funds in excess of charges are disbursed onto student accounts within 14 days after the census date. Refunds will be issued to students to their selected refund preference with BankMobile. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link: http://bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoices/ . 
  • I understand that I am responsible to find information on how to use financial aid to purchase or rent books, or purchase supplies, I will refer to the website for instructions, www.laredo.edu/cms/fa. 


Standards of Academic Policy and Procedures: 

  • I am aware that in order to comply with Title IV Department of Education regulations, LC Student Financial Aid &Veterans Affairs Services Center has set Standards of Academic Progress policy for financial aid. According to federal and state guidelines, students must maintain these standards in order to be eligible to receive and maintain Title IV financial assistance.
  • I understand that at the end of each semester, I must have satisfactorily completed 67% of cumulative attempted hours including any accepted transfer credits. Attempted hours include, “F” Failed, “W” withdrawal, “NP” No pass, and “I” Incomplete.
  • I understand that I must maintain a grade point average that is consistent with the graduation requirements for my program along with a 2.0 minimal grade point average.
  • I understand that once I have attempted credit hours in excess of 150% of the program's required hours I will be ineligible for Title IV financial aid.
    • Number of credit hours for degree from catalog multiplied by 1.5 = total amount of attempted credit hours allowable (60 credit hours X 1.5 = 90 hours)
  • I understand that if I fail to meet the GPA and/or completion rate requirements listed above, I will be placed on financial aid warning for one semester, and will be required to attend a mandatory meeting designed to assist me to meet the requirements to remain eligible for financial aid. If I do not meet the GPA and/or completion requirements after the warning semester, I will be placed on financial aid suspension. While on financial aid suspension, I will not be eligible for any federal or state financial aid, including some scholarships.
  • A student may appeal their suspension status. A completed appeal form and required supporting documentation must be submitted to the Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center for review by the Standards of Academic Progress Committee by the dates posted in the Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center or online. The instructions to file an appeal and deadline dates can be found at www.laredo.edu/cms/fa. Submission of an appeal form does not guarantee reinstatement of financial aid.
  • Financial aid may be reinstated by enrolling and successfully completing the appropriate number of credit hours needed to achieve a satisfactory cumulative completion rate (67%) and/or a satisfactory cumulative GPA. I am responsible for payment of classes while on FA suspension status. A student may seek out other funding sources or use his/her own resources to pay for classes.
  • I certify that all the information provided for my financial aid file is true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.


Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements:

  • I must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • I must be registered with Selective Service (if male) 
  • I must be admitted to a degree or certificate program 
  • I must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress 
  • I must not owe a refund on a Federal Grant 
  • I must not be in default on a Federal Educational Loan 



Title IV Fund Disbursement Authorization Statement:

  • I authorize Laredo College to apply my Title IV funds to my student account for my allowable charges, other cost- of-attendance charges, and all other non-institutional charges that I might incur.
  • I understand that this authorization will remain valid through the 21-22 award years. I understand that I will be responsible for paying any outstanding debts to Laredo College if my financial aid award does not cover.
  • Federal student aid funds can be used to pay for “non-institutional charges” only if your written authorization is obtained to pay those charges. This form will allow the Bursar’s Office to apply your federal financial aid to your non-institutional charges.
  • I am aware that no funds will be disbursed to me if I have a balance owed at Laredo College, including costs remaining from prior terms. I certify that Laredo College has my current address so that aid disbursements tools can be delivered to me.
  • I am aware that any aid that cannot be delivered to me is returned to the Department of Education.