Student Success

Work-study Program

Students interested in applying for Federal Work-study Employment at Laredo College are required to have the following:
  • Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) for 22-23
  • Financial Aid Folder complete for 22-23
  • Student must have enough financial aid unmet need
  • Making satisfactory academic progress
  • Must be enrolled at least 6 eligible hours for fall


Students will be required to:


  • Check with Financial Aid Office for eligibility, if eligible must complete a work-study application
  • Check online for available work-study positions (please scroll down)
  • Set up an interview with the supervisor for the job that interests you
  • The supervisor interviewed and hired the student will have to sign the application and student will have to return it to the Financial Aid Office at either campus along with valid ID and social security card.


If student is offered a Federal work-study position, student has to fill out additional paperwork before starting employment. No work-study is allowed to start employment without getting approved by Human Resources and Financial Aid Office. 


Now there is direct deposit offered for those in work-study, do not have to wait for your paycheck to be mailed. 

Direct deposit is available to work-study employees at Laredo College. Take advantage of this opportunity and avoid waiting for your paycheck to arrive in the mail.

Direct Deposit(1)

Work-study Positions
Fall Semester 2022


Department Supervisor Position Available Building & Room
 Ft. McIntosh Campus Positions
Adult Education Eduardo Martinez 1 Eloy Garcia Building Room 111
Assessment Center Adriana Aun 1 Lerma Peña Building Room 227
Community & Media
Relations Office
Obed Guerrero 1 P34/P35
Continuing Education Eduardo Rangel 1 Eloy Garcia Building Room 102
Dean of Academic Innovation
& Technology
Arely Lara 1 LEAC Room 209
English Department Anita Garza 1 Adkins Building Room 210
Environmental Science
Linda Tays 3 LBV Environmental Science Center
Health & Safety Operations
Javier Cano 2 Memorial Hall Room 224
Human Resources Martin Santos 3 P-154
Information Technology Hermelinda Gamez-Johnston 4 Martin Building Room 134
LC-TAMIU Lamar Bruni
Vergara Literacy Tutors
Suzanne Ramirez 4 Memorial Hall Room 130
Library Ana Velasquez 2 Library
Office of the Registrar
and Admissions
Gloria Ortiz 1 Lerma Peña Building Room 116
Payroll Nelly Moreno 2 P-39
Property Inventory Mary Mendiola 1 Building 119 Room 215
QEP      Celeste Hernandez 1 Martin Building Room 127
Recruitment Dr. Diana Ortiz 5 Elpha Lee West Room 111
Vice President STSC &
Patricia Lopez 1 Elpha Lee West Room
South Campus Positions


Allied Health Sandra Rodriguez 1 Health Science Building
Arts & Science Melissa Garcia 2 AAC 125
Camilo Prada Amanda Orozco 2 Camilo Prada Child
Development Center
Culinary Arts Elizabeth Calderon 1 AAC 109
Dean of Health Science Sandra Rodriguez 1 College of Health Science
Building Room B325
Nursing - Associates Patty Perez 1 College of Health Science
Nursing - Vocational Olga Vazquez 1 College of Health Science
Institutional Positions


No positions

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Laredo College participates in E-Verify. 

 E-Verify posters in English E-Verify posters in Spanish