Student Success

Work-study Program 


Students interested in applying for Federal work-study employment at Laredo College are required to have the following:   



  • Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) for 2021-2022
  • Financial Aid Folder (complete) for 2021-2022
  • Student must have enough Unmet need
  • Must be enrolled at least 6 eligible hours for Fall Semester 2021




Students will be required to: 



  • Complete a work-study application
  • Receive a listing of available work-study jobs (please scroll down below)
  • Set up an interview with the work-study supervisor for the job that interests you
  • The supervisor who interviewed and hired the student will submit a signed work-study application to the Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center.




If student is offered a Federal work-study job, student has to fill out and provide the documents/forms listed below: 



  • Process through E-Verify (see below for more information)
  • I-9 Form
  • W-4 Form 
  • Proof of eligibility for employment




Once student has provided those documents/forms, the Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center will proceed to: 



  • The Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center will provide the Laredo College Human Resources Office with your I-9 Form, W-4 Form, Social Security Card and proof of photo identification.
  • Human Resources Office codes students who are offered work-study jobs as Laredo College Student Employees and notifies the Financial Aid Center Coordinator when the student may commence employment.
  • The Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center will provide you with the following documents:  student employment coordination form, job description, payment schedule, and confidentiality statement, and other necessary documentation.   



 Direct Deposit

 Direct Deposit is available to work-study employees at Laredo College. Take advantage of this opportunity and avoid having to wait for your pay check to arrive in the mail. Once all forms have been submitted to the Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs Services Center and you have been approved to commence employment as a Federal work-study, you will be provided with the date on which you may report to work.  


LC-TAMIU Lamar Bruni Vergara Literacy Tutors- 


10 positions available- you may request to check eligibility by sending an email to finaid@laredo.edu. If eligible, you will be send the application and the necessary information. Please view job description. Interviews are coming up; don't stay behind- come and apply. 

Fall 2021 WS Schedule Flyer  

 Work-Study Positions  

     Fall Semester  2021






 Positions Available

Building & Room # Supervisor Located

 Ft. McIntosh Campus Federal Positions

Bursar's Office San Juanita Garza 2 Lerma Peña Room 109
Business Communications Sonia Flores 2 LEAC 201
Central Receiving Luis Martinez 1 Building 119
Economic Development Center Maricela Morales 1 Library 201
English Department Anita Garza 1 Adkins Room 210
Human Resources (Records) Martin Santos 2 P154
Information Technology Hermelinda Gamez-Johnston 2 LEAC 204
Lamar Bruni Vergara Scholarship Program Suzanne Ramirez 2 Veterans Memorial Chapel
Payroll Nelly Moreno 2 P13
Physical Plant Sonia Saldivar 1 Moore Vocational Rm 106
Property Inventory Mary Mendiola 1 Building 119 Room 215
Special Services Center Olga Lozano 1 Kazen Center Room 132
Student Success Center Nora Sandoval 1 Lerma Peña Room 201

 Institutional Positions

No Positions Available       

 South Campus Federal Positions

Arts & Science Department Melissa Garcia 1 AAC 125
Assessment Center Armida Leal 3 Billy Hall Room 245
Child Development Elizabeth Calderon 1 AAC 109
Dean of Health Science Nohemi Aguilar 1 College Health Science B307
Dean of South Campus Beatriz Gutierrez 2 Billy Hall Room 223
eLearning Center Beatriz Flores-Martinez 1 Judith Zaffarini Library Rm 203
Law Enforcement Department Priscilla Chavez 1 Protective Service Room 101
Office of Student Life Nora Vara 1 Billy Hall Room 224
Vocational Nursing Marisa Parra 1 College Health Science A221




Laredo College participates in E-Verify. 

 E-Verify posters in English E-Verify posters in Spanish