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The Early Alert Program is designed as a system of support for instructors and students as they work together to resolve issues and refocus attention on improving academic performance. All Early Alert referrals are reviewed by an Academic & Career Advisor who will make an attempt to meet with the student to discuss their academic progress and provide support and resources to help them overcome any obstacles impeding their success. Topics of discussion for advisor-student meetings may include but are not limited to "6 W" rule, GPA, degree progress, test/note taking strategies, and general financial aid information. Additional referrals to the Learning Enrichment Center, Counseling Services, Special Services or other support services may be made if deemed necessary. Advisors are responsible for updating the instructor on the status of the referral for each student referred. For questions, recommendations or concerns regarding the Early Alert program, please contact Ms. Andrea Lopez, Student Success Center Director at andrea.lopez@laredo.edu or 956-721-5135.    


**Please note that students engaging in disruptive behavior or who are showing signs of distress should be referred using the Students At-Risk Support (STARS) referral. The STARS referral form can be accessed by clicking on the following link: http://lccintranet2.lccnet.edu/php/forms/stars/stars.htm.

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