Honors Program
Honors Program
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 About the Program:



The Honor’s Program established by the college, challenges highly motivated, intellectually gifted students who wish to attain a higher education at a reasonable cost.  These students come to the college well prepared and are greeted by LCC instructors with innovative, creative, and challenging courses to further nourish their educational quest.  The mission of the Honors program at Laredo Community College is to provide an inspiring, rigorous academic environment for students who are able and ready to accept the competitive challenge of higher education. Laredo Community College Honors Program is committed in providing for these students a progressive course of study that provides new challenges to their exceptional abilities, preparing them for advanced studies at major four-year institutions.   The Honors Program at Laredo Community College has always attracted serious students in the pursuit of academic excellence, community involvement, and leadership commitment. Under the tutelage of highly skilled faculty mentors students are prepared for raising a standard of excellence while preparing today’s students for a lifetime of leadership. Educators at the College are dedicated to presenting students with the most experiences and best environment possible.


The Honors Program at Laredo Community College is empowered by engaged faculty and students who together cultivate an active learning environment, responsive to changing needs. The Honors Program supports challenging coursework taught by faculty who consider themselves mentors and create a community of scholars who share a common sense of purpose and spirit of collaboration.


It is the goal of the Honors Program at Laredo Community College to encourage students to become outstanding, independent thinkers as well as learners.  This enables these students to master critical thinking skills and self expression.  Encouragement is given to students to engage in productive team work, thus enabling them to master the life lesson of working collaboratively along with members of the community.


Along with language skills there is an exerted effort to enhance mathematical, scientific, and technological skills.  A higher degree of student participation and involvement in college and community activity is required.  LCC Honors students are mentored by faculty and receive personalized programs for enrichment.  One important result in addition to the acquisition of knowledge is the increased opportunity for these academically gifted students to transfer to a prestigious university or the college of their choice.  Honor Program graduates receive a special diploma and recognition upon graduation.



Laredo Community College Honors Program

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