Physical Therapy Assistant
Physical Therapy Assistant
Syllabus Information

Icon PTHA 1301 Online -Syllabus Fall 2013-Torres, Jacqueline
Icon PTHA 1301-Syllabus-Fall 2013-Torres, Jacqueline
Icon PTHA 1321M01-Syllabus-Spring 2014-Vargas, Esmerlada
Icon PTHA 1360- Syllabus-Fall 2013-Guzman, Yolanda (3)
Icon PTHA 1391-Syllabus-Fall 2013-Vargas, Esmeralda (2)
Icon PTHA 1405-Syllabus-Fall 2013-Torres, Jaqueline
Icon PTHA 1413-Syllabus-Fall 2013, Guzman, Yolanda
Icon PTHA 2201-Syllabus-Fall 2013-Guzman, Yolanda
Icon PTHA 2361M01-Syllabus-Spring 2014-Guzman, Yolanda (3)
Icon PTHA 2431-Syllabus-Fall 2013-Vargas, Esemeralda 2013 (2)
Icon PTHA 2535-Syllabus-Fall 2013-Vargas, Esmeralda (2)
Icon PTHA1301E01_The Profession of Physical Therapy_Jacqueline Torres
Icon PTHA1301EO1-Syllabus-Spring 2014-Torres, Jacqueline
Icon PTHA1301M01-M04_The Profession of Physical Therapy_Jacqueline Torres
Icon PTHA1301M01-The Profession of Physcial Therapy-Jackie Torres (MW)
Icon PTHA1301M01-The Profession of Physical Therapy-Esmeralda Vargas
Icon PTHA1301M01-The Profession of Physical Therapy-Jackie torres (TR)
Icon PTHA1301MO1-MO4-Syllabus-Spring 2014-Torres, Jacqueline
Icon PTHA1321M01_Pathophysiologyfor the PTA_Esmeralda Vargas
Icon PTHA1321M01-Pathophysiology-Esmeralda Vargas
Icon PTHA1360M01-Clinical I-PTA-Yolanda Guzman
Icon PTHA1391M01.SpecialTopics in Physical Therapist.Esmeralda Vargas
Icon PTHA1405M01,M02-Basic Patient Care Skills-Jackie Torres
Icon PTHA1413M01-Functional Anatomy-Yolanda Guzman
Icon PTHA1531M01_Physical Agents_Yolanda Guzman
Icon PTHA1531M01-Physical Agents-Yolanda Guzman
Icon PTHA1531M01-Syllabus-Spring 2014-Guzman, Yolanda (3)
Icon PTHA2201M01-Essentials of Data Collection-Yolanda Guzman
Icon PTHA2339M01_Proffesional Issues_Esmeralda Vargas
Icon PTHA2339M01-Professional Issues-Esmeralda Vargas
Icon PTHA2339M01-Syllabus-Spring 2014-Vargas, Esmeralda
Icon PTHA2361M02_Clinical II-PTA_Yolanda Guzman
Icon PTHA2362M01- Syllabus-Spring 2014-Guzman, Yolanda (3)
Icon PTHA2362M90_Clinical III-PTA_Yolanda Guzman
Icon PTHA2431M01-Management of Neurological Disorders-Esmeralda Vargas
Icon PTHA2509M01_Therapeutic Exercise_Yolanda Guzman
Icon PTHA2509M01-Syllabus-Spring 2014-Guzman,Yolanda (3)
Icon PTHA2509M01-Therapeutic Exercise-Yolanda Guzman
Icon PTHA2535M01-Rehabilitation Techniques-Esmeralda Vargas