Student Handbook
Student Handbook

Virtual College of Texas (VCT)




Students may also enroll in an online course offered by another community college in Texas through a partnership between LC and the Virtual College of Texas (VCT).  VCT offers a wide array of college credit courses that are listed at To enroll in a VCT course, students need to check availability of a specific course on the VCT website, and then contact the eLearning & Instructional Innovation Center at 956.721.5211 or by e-mail at


Enrollment in VCT courses requires the approval of the respective Department Chairperson.  Due to the approval process, students need to contact the eLearning & Instructional Innovation Center at least one month prior to the advertised start date of the LC Academic Term.




Student eHelp Desk


The eHelp Desk is a self-service portal where students can get help with their technical issues related to Canvas and/or online classes.  Students can log on to the eHelp Desk at  Technical support is available after regular office hours and on weekends.  You may also call 956.721.5880 to request help during our regular business hours.