Syllabi and Faculty Vitae

Wintermester 2021 & Spring 2022

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Course Title Last Name First Name Vitae
CSME2337M01Advanced Cosmetology Technique Garcia Brenda download vitae
CSME2337M02Advanced Cosmetology Technique Sanchez Sandra download vitae
CSME2401M01Principles of Hair Coloring Garcia Brenda download vitae
CSME2401M02Principles of Hair Coloring Sanchez Sandra download vitae
CSME2441M01Prep for State Licensing Garcia Brenda download vitae
CSME2441M02Prep for State Licensing Sanchez Sandra download vitae
CSME2443M01Salon Development Garcia Brenda download vitae
CSME2443M02Salon Development Sanchez Sandra download vitae

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