Syllabi and Faculty Vitae

Wintermester 2021 & Spring 2022

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Course Title Last Name First Name Vitae
EMSP1160S01Clinical-EMT Ramirez Manuel download vitae
EMSP1163S01Clinical EMT Paramedic I Salas Gregorio download vitae
EMSP1338S01Introduction to Advanced Practice Salas Gregorio download vitae
EMSP1355S01Trauma Management Salas Gregorio download vitae
EMSP1356S01Patient Assessment Airway Management Salas Gregorio download vitae
EMSP1501S01EMT Basic Ramirez Manuel download vitae
EMSP2237S01Emergency Procedures Ramon Mauro download vitae
EMSP2243S01Assessment Based Management Ramon Mauro download vitae
EMSP2261S01Clinical EMT Paramedic IV Ramon Mauro download vitae
EMSP2305E01EMS Operations Ramon Mauro download vitae
EMSP2434S01Medical Emergencies Salas Gregorio download vitae

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